1. Once the medicines are sent, it is not taken back.
2. Each day of medication should be updated to the doctor by text message.
3. Any difficulty outset should inform to the doctor without delay

4. Give a brief history of the patient before coming to online consultation

  • Name, Age,DM, BP, Bad Habits
  • How many times admitted to the hospital?
  • Present condition
  • Symptoms
  • Suggestions by the Cardiologist
  • Any system failure
    • Stenting
    • How many
    • What happened

Send the duly filled consent letter at the time of consultation. Click here to download

5. The patient should take reports in their place by a cardiologist and send it to the doctor


  • Doctor will consult and diagnose only those patients who have taken prior appointments.


  • You should avoid places where you feel discomfort.


  • Every day, for 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening, you should sit peacefully with closed eyes and concentrate on your breathing speed.


  • Never lay-down and sleep during the day time soon after having your food. However, you can take a cat-nap in a sitting position, but before having your food.


  • In case of any emergency, immediately take the patient to the nearest hospital.


  • Diabetic patients should have 100ml of Indian gooseberry juice mixed with 2 spoons of turmeric powder & juice.


  • On the 46th day consult the doctor online by taking an appointment, and bring FLP, FBS, PPBS, ECG and Echo results taken on 46th day.


  • Patients suffer from low pumping, PAH, Cardiomayopathy etc are required to undergo treatment 25 set of medicines based on the patient’s condition. Failing which are not recommended or there should be no break in that chain.


  • Once the pumping is increased, there is no guaranty that it will remains the same or it will not fall back to low pumping again.


  • No guaranty is given that there will be no heart attack will happen again



  • Even after the course is completed, the patient should take the medicines once a year.


  • Along with this medicine, you should continue taking the medicines prescribed by your allopathic doctor.


  • If a patient experiences tiredness after taking ayurvedic medications for some days, then diabetic patients should check their sugar level within two hours after having breakfast. If the sugar level is below 100, then the allopathic diabetes tablets dosage should be reduced to 1/2. After some days, again if the patient experiences tiredness, check the sugar level, and reduce the allopathic diabetes tablets dosage to 1/4. After 45 days (1st course of medicines), check your sugar level in a laboratory after 12-hour fasting and again within two after having breakfast, and bring the laboratory sugar level result to me. For patients taking insulin, if your PPBS comes below 100, then reduce your insulin intake dosage by 5 units for both times by consulting your doctor.
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