• In patients who respond ayurvedic treatment with 20% ejection fraction or pumping capacity is seen improvement in pumping after Ayurvedic Treatment.
  • The uneasiness and difficulties experienced during the initial stages will also be greatly reduced.
  • Afterwards, the patients will be able to take care of their daily routines without any difficulty
  • Later, they will be able to start brisk walking and working.
  • Before the completion of 6 months of treatment, the functioning of the heart will start to increase.
  • By one year, the heart will be able to pump sufficiently like before.
  • By one and half years one will be able to receive an echo report mentioning a heart that has not undergone any attack.
  • This is seen in major percentage of patients treated.
  • Solution for Cardiomyopathy in Ayurveda

    There is no treatment for this in allopathy. Heart transplantation is the only way out. With Ayurvedic treatments, we have been able to treat such patients and bring them back to their normal life. And so, Cardiomyopathy should not be feared.

    heart trans ayurveda

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