heart trans ayurveda


  • In patients who respond ayurvedic treatment with 20% ejection fraction or pumping capacity is seen improvement in pumping after Ayurvedic Treatment.
  • The uneasiness and difficulties experienced during the initial stages will also be greatly reduced.
  • Afterwards, the patients will be able to take care of their daily routines without any difficulty
  • Later, they will be able to start brisk walking and working.
  • Before the completion of 6 months of treatment, the functioning of the heart will start to increase in most patients.
  • By one year, most of the patient’s heart will be able to pump sufficiently like before.
  • By one and half years, most of them will be able to receive an echo report mentioning a heart that has not undergone any attack.
  • This is seen in major percentage of patients treated.
  • Solution for Cardiomyopathy in Ayurveda

    There is no treatment for this in allopathy. Heart transplantation is the only way out. With Ayurvedic treatments, we have been able to treat such patients and bring them back to their normal life. And so, Cardiomyopathy should not be feared.

    Benefits Of Ayurvedic Treatments

  • By the time the treatment finishes, one will be able to revive his/her health and liveliness that was experienced 5 years before.
  • Diabetics, Dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), Obesity will be in control.
  • Most of the difficulties experienced by the patient will be reduced to a great extent by the first course itself.
  • For patients on Insulin; the Insulin dose can be reduced.
  • The financial expenditure will not be as much as for heart transplantation.
  • Patients will be able to go for his/her own work.
  • The treatment will be in their own respective houses.
  • Financial expenditure will not be that much.
  • Feels very fresh and healthy.
  • Need not take medications for the entire lifetime.
  • Then onwards, the medication should be taken only once in a year.
  • After the treatment. Most of the patients will be in a healthy state that the echo reports may say that you haven’t such past disease history or you haven’t undergone any heart attack
  • During every stage of the treatment you can take an ECHO report.
    With Heart improving the Patient's life will be to feel like he/she is 5 years younger.
  • Heart transplantation

  • A normal working healthy heart is transplanted in patients with reduced heart functioning (pumping).
  • This process is very costly
  • This treatment is not opted for patients above 60 years of age and insulin dependent patients.
  • This is done only if all the other organs in the patient's body are functioning properly
  • Even if heart is transplanted, for it to be not rejected, anti- rejection medication should be administered.
  • This will lead to many other diseases
  • This can lead to many side effects
  • There is a chance for infection with the anti rejection medication administration.
  • Diseases like Herpes can mainly occur in such patients.
  • The patient will have to be hospitalized for 1 month after the surgery.
  • For 3 months, the patient will have to reside near the hospital.
  • For 1 year, biopsy checkups are necessary.
  • Yearly once, Angiogram should be done to check if blocks are being created.
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