Dr. Praveena ask this question to every patients who visit her as their last chance to survive. Those patients would be in severe stage where they were told to do an immediate heart transplantation from allopathy doctors. When ever they hear this words from Dr. Praveena, they get a hope for their life . Off course there are effective treatments for heart and related diseases like cardiomyopathy, heart blocks, pulmonary arterial hypertension ( PAH ), coronary artery disease etc. In all these cases the heart muscles will be weak so the efficiency of heart pumping will be very low. Doctor starts the treatment by examining various reports hence study about the patient’s condition and thereby determines the type of treatment. The treatment includes ayurvedic medicines with strict routines and complete rest. During the treatment the patient may feel weakness for the starting day and then they will feel better. Eventually the heart muscles will recover its strength and starts working normally. There are so many people who living happily with their family, who were about to be in the mouth of death at one time. So use this opportunity to share this post to your dear ones. So that this may help any one to save someone;s life and give them a hope for life.
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