Dr Praveena An ayurvedic doctor who treats the patients who have referred for heart transplantation by allopathic doctors. who is scaffolding the chronic heart patients to the normal life with the purity of her ayurvedic treatment.

Dr. Praveena has been bestowed with all the blessings of her father. Praveena did her B.Sc in Zoology, B.Ed in Natural Science, M.Sc in Microbiology and after this on her insistence of studying Ayurveda was she did his BAMS in an Ayurveda College. After completing her studies, she conveyed her desire to her father in assisting him. The daughter was taken up as a disciple and all knowledge and blessings were showered on her.

She got married to Dr. Bijubal and then started her own heart ailment treatment. After helping her father in treating over 3500 heart patients, she gained confidence and started treating in her own clinic in Mannuthy. And there she has the experience of treating over 2000 heart patients.

Pokanjeri Tharavdu has been providing Ayurveda treatment for over one and quarter millennia, and among them, Dr. Jayathilakan is the most renowned Ayurveda Cardiologist; and, Dr. Praveena is the eldest daughter of Dr. Jayathilakan. In Dr. Praveena’s Health Center in Mannuthy, hundreds of people are being donated with the world’s most precious Wealth, which is Health. All patients coming are eager to lead a healthy new lease of life. And most of them are those who have been prescribed to go for heart transplantation. Most of the patients who don’t have the capacity to bear the huge amount of 50 lakhs (which is required for heart transplantation) and are waiting for Ayurveda treatment, as another option, are mostly half dead. After the completion of the first 42 days course, these patients are relieved from the severe symptoms or difficulties they faced. The medicine should be continued with Pathyam for up to 10 – 15 courses, so that patient’s conditions are improved, from severe to mild, mild to fair echo reports. Even in some cases, the patient gets a fair echo record in which there were no such diseases have existed before.

Dr Praveena always welcomes patients with chronic heart disease cases, like cardiomyopathy,(Dilated & Restrictive ), coronary artery diseases, pulmonary arterial hypertension and those who lost their hope to live, whoever lost a chance to do their second or third angiogram, angioplasty, by age and health. We are happy to treat those kinds of patients since they have faith in our treatment. In all the cases patients are convinced about recovery before the treatment itself because when they visit our clinic for the treatment, they came to know about different patient histories and their experience of improvement in their disease from their face. We analyze the patient by their various reports, their health condition, age, related disease and the medicines they are having now for those diseases.

The treatment method and medicines may vary as per the conditions of patients. However, they have to take the medicines continuously for seventeen days with utmost faith in the treatment and with all the routines prescribed by the doctor. The patient’s difficulties due to the disease say breathing problem, chest pain, heart burning, chest heaviness, low heart pumping etc will reduce and the health will start improving day by day.

We have a lot of patients from various regions all over India, and their echo reports are attached to our page.
We can see many patients feeling sad that they didn’t hear about this treatment for so long. Having recovered from body ailments after having one course of medication, the patients boasted about the treatment provided here to others and are bringing one or two patients along with them.

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