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What you can expect from us?

1. Below 85mmHg PAH pressure without Right heart failure, will give a remarkable improvement in symptoms and give results in ECHO.

2. Above 100mmHg with Right heart failure takes a lot of time and difficult for getting results in ECHO. Still, some of the patients get improvement.

1. IVS & LVPW thickness without LBBB/RBBB give very good prognosis (for HOCM below 75 mmHg pressure gradient)

2. Patients with IVS & LVPW thickness more than 20 mm & with LBBB /RBBB takes a lot of time for improvement. (For HOCM above 100mmHg gradient pressure)

1. Along with symptomatic relief most of the patients get results in ECHO.

2. Within 6 months of onset or above 40% EF gives a high chance of improvement in 90% of patients.

3. Within 2 years of onset of low EF or heart failure gives an improvement in 80% of patients.

4. With 3 or 31/2 years onset gives 70% of patient’s get improvement in ECHO.

5. Above 4yrs and more 50% chances of improvement in ECHO.

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