• Take a stick and insert it inside the bottle till it reaches the bottom. Then mix it properly so that the mixture mixes nicely with the oil. Then shake the bottle thoroughly and then take 1 drop of medicine and apply it on the hairy area.
  • During the daytime, apply 1 drop of medicine in every 2 hour interval, but after wiping of the previously applied medicine.
  • Apply the medicine before going to sleep and then wipe off after waking up in the morning.
  • Apply the medicine as prescribed only, and never apply it in large quantity or rub the medicine thinking that it will help in getting rid of the hair faster.
  • Under any circumstances, do not forget to apply the medicine in the specified intervals.
  • Please do not go for waxing, shaving or threading.
  • For face only: If you have thick hair on your face, remove it with a hair plucker so that the hair comes out completely with its root. And then apply the medicine. By doing so, it will ensure that the new hair that comes out will be thinner than the previous hair, and the hair will also come out late.
  • Do not pluck thin hair, as it will fall off by itself.
  • Every time you pluck thick hair, thinner hair will come out in place of the previous hair. After the hair becomes too thin, do not pluck it, as it will fall off by itself.
  • Even if the hair has fallen off completely, continue applying the medicine for some more days.
  • Apart from the facial hair, thicker hair on other parts of the body need not be plucked, and the medicine can be applied directly.
  • Hair from your hand and feet will fall off faster than your facial hair.
  • Approximately, within 6 course of medicine you will be able to see the results.
  • Within 90 days itself, you will be able to see the hair becoming thinner. If you do not see any result after 6 bottles, you can always return the medicine and take your money back.
  • If you are sure that you will be able to apply the medicine in every 2 hour interval, then only you should buy the medicine.
  • Hair will fall off only from those parts where you apply the medicine.
  • Recommended only for ladies.
  • Medicine can be applicable all over the body.
  • Those who came directly get the medicine after a consultation with the doctor get money back guarantee is she is not satisfied.
  • It’s a static remedy for those who are failed after laser treatment, electrolysis, waxing plucking shaving etc.
  • I hereby confirm and acknowledge that I completely accept all the points mentioned above.

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