Hypertrophied Obstructive Cardiomyopathy or HOCM

1. Hypertrophied Obstructive Cardiomyopathy or HOCM is a genetic disease which effect the conduction system of the heart.

2. In HOCM the thickness of Inter Ventricular Septum or IVS become asymmetrically thickened and it obstruct the outflow of blood through aorta

3. The obstruction of blood caused due to the thickness of IVS near the aorta increase the pressure inside the heart. So the pressure inside the heart may even go to 170 mmHg or more. Above 70 mmHg is severe but above 100 mmHg is fatal.

4. Along with above conditions the thickness of IVS lead to scarcity of blood to the myocardium of IVS reagion. So the conduction system will be more affected and may lose the conduction of impulse from the nodes for the beat.

5. The symptoms include the frequent black outs mostly when in climbing steps, giddiness, breathing related issues, more heart beat or palpitations, irregular heart beat, chest heaviness, lethargy, body pain etc

6. The solution for this is heart transplantation, keeping ICD, Alcohol abalation. But all these are not give long lasting result.

7.The complication of this disease is sroke. There is high risk of low volume blood inside the Left Ventricle to supply for other body parts. So other systems also will be affected by this. Mainly brain get low volume of blood or high chance of thrombus or clot formation.

8. Ayurheart treat for this condition from the root. In first stage we reduce the thickness of the hypertrophied IVS . Within one or two course itself the gradient which was above 100mmHg will come below. Slowly the gradient come to below S50mmHg. Then the treatment will give more importantance to the conduction system. That part take time to get the changes in ECG.

9.Most interesting part of this treatment is that, we take echo from first course or after 45 days. The gradient would have come more down in most of the patients. If it come below 70 mmHg, the risk of this disease will be reduced

10. The sympytomatically patient improve in first 21 days itself. They can go for their work and take medicine. No need of hospital stay. They can take medicine from their home without much food restrictions.

11. The routine exercise must be avoided by the patient upto the thickness reduces in certain level. Otherwise there is chance of collapse or heart failure irrespective of on treatment or not. There is patients who come after keeping ICD, because it wont reduce the thickness of IVS and the obstruction.


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