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Treatment for heart transplantation needed patients in Ayurveda from Dr. Praveena’s Ayurheart

Patients suffering from following diseases
DCM – Dilated Cardiomyopathy
HOCM – Hypertrophied Obstructive Cardiomyopathy
HCM – Hypertrophied Cardiomyopathy
PAH – Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
LBBB – Left Bundle Branch Block
RBBB – Right Bundle Branch Block

The below video best explains the treatments available for the above diseases.

heart block treatment without angioplasty and bypass surgery

Hello, Myself Doctor Praveena, I am an ayurvedic doctor who treats the patients who have referred for heart transplantation by allopathic doctors. I used to get a lot of calls from people asking about the treatment for heart blocks, most of the diagnosed with several blocks during angiogram.

Actually these heart blocks can be reduced by them self without any treatment. Today I would like to tell you some tips and things all about heart blocks, what is a block, how it form , what are the reasons for that, how it can be reduced etc.

How to avoid angiogram and angioplasty

Suppose one person who can run so long without any breathing issues can be said healthy and he have a healthy heart because heart is getting enought blood to it. But if he suffer some kind of pain in the back, feeling heaviness in chest, breathing issues etc, then we can say that he have block more than 70 percentage and his heart is getting less than 30 percentage of blood it requires.

Suppose he feels all these troubles during a speedwalk or doing something in a hurry, then he is said to have block more than 80 percentage, and heart is getting less than 20 percentage of blood it required.If he have the issues even if he do his daily deeds, then he have block more than 90 percentage

In order to understand or diagnose these cases, one do not need to under go angiogram. An angiogram is supposed to do only when the patient interested to undergo angioplasty or bypass surgery. During angiogram, there are so many chances that the blood vessels to get scratched and get punctured by the wire inserted and it may even lead to heart attacks. Angiogram is used only to find out where the block is situated to perform angioplasty or bypass surgery.

If some wants to reduce the heart blocks, then the most effective way to remove those heart blocks is to change his lifestyle so that he will easily find out the heart problems will reducing gradually and can reach a stage in which he can continue his life as normal.

Symptoms of heart blocks

Let me come to the symptoms of heart blocks. Some of them are as follows, breathing problem during running or speed walk, heaviness in chest, back pain, joint pain, knee pain ,feeling troubles during climbing heights, troubles during climbing steps. Getting emotional, irritated easily, short temper etc. All of them are related to heart blocks. Unfortunately most of the people think that major symptom of heart blocks is chest pain.But it not the chest pain, chest pain is only seen in few people It is see in final stages.

How these heart blocks are formed

The chances of fat deposition are increased after the age of 20 and the cell deaths are increased after the age of 40. Along with the aging process, cholesterol levels, triglycerides rises to high level, personal emotions like over stress,short temper, over anxiety etc will lead the heart blocks develop gradually. Diet without proper fiber and vegetables will also add up with this. Smoking is the prime reason for most heart blocks.

So we have discussed with the symptoms and reasons of heart blocks, now I am going to discuss how to reduce heart blocks.

How to reduce heart blocks

First of all, the smoking habit is to be quit. This will bring a drastic progress and the patient will feel far better. For the diabetic patients whose sugar level are not in control even after their food, I suggest them to take the mixture of turmeric powder in 100 ml of gooseberry extract and have it two times a day after their food. This is to control the cell death in those kind of patients and not to reduce diabetics. Also they are requested to take 3 tea spoons of avipathyakara choornam diluted in coconut tender juice or hot water , once in a week or in 15 days to get proper bowel movement. Patients who suffer from indigestion, should take ashtachoornam diluted in hot water about 10 minutes before their meal, will help them to have proper digestion and will reduce the tendency of formation of cholesterol settled in blood.

Patients come to my clinic in such a state that they had severe heart attacks due to the blocks, cardiomyopathy, pulmonary artery hypertension and most of the patients were told to replace the heart by allopathic doctors, but fortunately most of them recover by our treatments. We mainly give treatment to recover the strength of heart muscles. Most of them will feel better during the first set of medicines . The pumping will increase in 5 to 6 courses of medications . In one or two years , they will be having a healthy heart. Our heart have its own process to create a lot of collateral to get enough blood, so we can manage all these heart blocks if we alter our lifestyle as the above stated. We should develop such lifestyle by our self.

How to achieve such a lifestyle ??

Go for a Walk or jogging in morning and evening for 20 minutes. One who is comfort with walking and feels it easy, they should move to higher level and should run as much as he can. Try to increase speed in each days. Walk with holding weights of 1 kg or 2 in hands. This is to develop more collateral and make the heart muscles strong, not to prevent heart attacks. Heart attack is not fatal as long as the heart muscles are strong. The major aim is to retain the strength of heart muscles during the echo test taken after heart attack. These walking and activities helps heart to create so many collaterals so that the heart will get sufficient blood through these collaterals even if heart blocks are formed in main blood vessels. The heart muscles will not be dead as long as its getting blood and oxygen through the collateral blood vessels. We do not need to fear heart attacks in such cases .

But unfortunately doctors creates fear in patients saying that the angioplasty or bye pass is the only option left, and in most cases the patients are forced to do that. Stents inserted in blood vessels may cause the formation of blood clotting or may be rejected due to being foreign object and eventually leads to restenosis

Patients come in our clinic with 3 to 4 stents inserted, even after they are facing the issues related heart blocks.So my question is – if these stents are not providing a permanent solution, then why it is inserted ? Even after inserting the stents , the patient need to take medicine lifelong, alter his lifestyle, he should walk and control diet etc. So what is the difference in with and without the stents ?

So my conclusion about avoiding heart blocks or reducing heart blocks are to
  • 1. Walk or jogg two times in a day
  • 2. Avoid smoking
  • 3. Control ppbs level of diabetic patients
  • 4 Intake of goosberry extract
  • 5 Intake of avipathyakara choornam
  • 6. Intake of Ashtachoornam
  • 7. Avoid stress
  • 8. Do meditation or yoga or relaxing activites for short tempered patients
  • 9. Formation of heart blocks is the part of aging process,all we need to do is to bring it reduced to lower levels. Always try to select food with lot of antioxidants and fibres, eat lot of fruits, vegetables, pineapple juice, apple juice, pappaya juice, green tea , orange, lemon, ginger, garlic, wheat, brown rice etc.
  • 10. Try helping others if you get chances , this will make yourself happy and proud , this emotional feeling will help to increase H.D.L cholesterol and produce more anti oxidants in body.
When some one had heart attacks, he may wonder how it happened so quickly since he was feeling no difficulties for the past minutes . The symptoms and effectiveness of heart blocks may varry for different persons.Their pressure level variation will effect all these.

The inner blood vessels get thick in those patients who have higher pressure levels and the inner membrane get bursted or get a scratch which will cause to form plaque or clot . which will develop gradually to block the blood flow completely which causes heart attack. when you get heart attack and admitted in hospital, you don’t have to panic when your doctor says angioplasty is the option left. Don’t let them to do angioplasty or insert stents,instead tell them to do balloon plasty. In balloon plasty no foreign bodies are kept in blood vessels, it reduces blockage present at that time.

Please spread this information to as many people as you can and let them live a healthy life with a healthy heart.


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